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CLASS Environment™ in Action

Research has proven that meaningful interactions are key to promoting children’s learning and development. Now, with CLASS Environment™, you can measure and improve the specific elements of an environment that matter most for supporting those interactions.

In this webinar, we’re talking in-depth about which elements of an environment can best support interactions, what CLASS Environment measures, and how it can be used alongside the CLASS tool to capture a holistic look at quality early education settings. 

Please note: We do not offer certificates for product demonstration webinars.

  • 2022

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About The Speakers

Katie Twilley

Katie Twilley

Director of Product Management, Teachstone

Erin Sabina 2023-1

Erin Sabina

Account Executive, Teachstone

At Teachstone, we’re helping educators around the world leverage the proven power of interactions to help more students thrive. As the company behind the CLASS® tool, we empower schools’ leaders and educators to understand the interactions that matter most, develop their skills, and assess their progress. From actionable feedback and training to user-friendly content and tech, Teachstone offers everything needed to apply and advance the simple art of intentional interactions.

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