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The community has been a great resource for me to learn from others and see that I may not be the only experiencing certain challenges. Daisy Viveros, Child Development Specialist

What is the CLASS Learning Community?

The CLASS Learning Community is an incredible group of educators passionate about improving how teachers interact with children every day to cultivate a supportive, structured, and engaging classroom experience. In the Community, you'll find:

  • Peer Discussions
    Ask questions, share ideas, and connect with thousands of other CLASS educators.
  • Members-Only Events
    Enjoy free exclusive events such as webinars, book clubs, and in-person meet-ups.
  • Recognition and Growth
    In the Certified CLASS Directory, you’ll have a badge for every one of your certifications and can earn badges for your participation.
  • Special Content
    Enhance your expertise with e-books, podcasts, videos, printables, and more.