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Limited Time Fall Savings on CLASS® Group Training!

Pull your team together for a personalized professional development experience with these money-saving bundles. To get started, scroll down the bottom of the page and fill out the form. 

The myTeachstone Bundle

Save $1,000!

Coach teachers and provide targeted PD - from a distance. Train internal coaches to leverage the myTeachstone platform to assign PD and provide in-person or virtual coaching support. This bundle includes:

  • 25 or more myTeachstone accounts
  • A Coaching with myTeachstone virtual training for up to 15 participants

Offer is for new myTeachstone accounts only and must be contracted by December 31,2020.

The Meaningful Interactions Bundle

Save $500 - $1000!

Support meaningful interactions and trauma-informed care in socially-distanced or virtual classrooms.  Meaningful interactions can drive engagement and learning in any classroom setting. Our experienced CLASS Specialists share how to do so and prepare your team to show up as a trauma-informed relationship to children. This bundle includes:

  • Virtual group training: Supporting Interactions in a Socially-Distanced or Virtual Classroom
  • One-day virtual inservice training: Interactions at the Heart of Healing

Must be contracted and delivered by December 31,2020. Pricing and savings based on group size: Up to 25 participants save $500, up to 35 participants save $750 and up to 50 participants save $1,000. For Head Start programs, an additional in-kind savings applies on top of these discounts.

The Trauma-Informed Care Bundle

Save 5%!

Today's children have experienced varying levels of trauma. Provide your team with the knowledge and skills needed to help them recover from trauma, learn and grow. This bundle includes:

  • Interactions at the Heart of Healing Professional Development Series for up to 25 participants
  • Interactions at the Heart of Healing Transfer to Practice Add-On Webinar for up to 25 participants
  • 2 Emotional Support Kits

Must be contracted and delivered by December 31,2020

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