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How Can Your Interactions Change the Lives of Children?

When educators and children connect positively with each other, the results are life-changing for both. Research has clearly shown that improving student outcomes emphasizes not just what is taught but how. When educators focus on how they relate to children and deliver information, children feel safe and do better. 

A warm greeting to reset a tough morning. Words of encouragement to unlock an academic stretch. A heartfelt connection to maintain calm. These small, intentional moments engage, inspire, and support children in the classroom—and beyond.

Come learn more about the impact of life-changing interactions and discover how you already hold the power in your hands. Interactions aren’t something else to add onto your busy schedule. In many ways, you’re already “doing” it. 

Join Bridget Hamre, Teachstone CEO and author of the CLASS, and Veronica Fernandez, Senior Director of Social Impact at Teachstone, in this interactive presentation on February 15, 2023. 

  • February 15, 2023

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About The Speakers

bridget hamre

Bridget Hamre



Veronica Fernandez



At Teachstone, we’re helping educators around the world leverage the proven power of interactions to help more students thrive with CLASS®.

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