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InterAct CLASS Summit Scholarship

Interact2020-DateLoc_June2019Deadline for scholarship application was January 3, 2020.
Everyone who applied for a scholarship will be notified on January 31, 2020.

Teachstone’s mission is to ensure that every child has access to life-changing teachers. We also believe that every educator deserves career-changing professional learning experiences. This is why we’re excited to offer the InterAct CLASS Summit Scholarship program.  

Our three scholarship recipients will receive free InterAct CLASS Summit registration plus their hotel, meals, and travel reimbursed. 

Scholarships available:

Local Leader:  As a way to give back to the greater San Diego community, this scholarship will be open only to educators who live within a 100-mile radius of downtown San Diego. This scholarship is geared toward program leaders that show a strong interest in promoting equity and diversity in their work in the San Diego area.

Head Start Hero: Open to anyone working in a Head Start program that is making a daily positive impact for children and families and would benefit from attending the InterAct CLASS Summit.

Coach with CLASS: This scholarship is available for instructional coaches that are using CLASS to improve classroom interactions in a not-for-profit childcare setting.

Who Should Apply

Educators interested in attending the InterAct CLASS Summit who:

  • Would not be able to attend otherwise
  • Have not attended an InterAct CLASS Summit in the last two years
  • Have at least two years of experience working in their communities

Scholarship recipients are expected to:

  • Share the tools and resources you acquire from attending the InterAct CLASS Summit with your colleagues or local community. Examples might include:
      • Lunch and learn at staff meeting
      • Host an online webinar 
      • Share in professional learning communities 
  • Write a blog post or share their CLASS story on Teachstone’s website

How to Apply

Please be prepared to submit the following on the application form:

  • Your resume
  • Short responses (each 250 words or less) to the following questions:
    • Tell us about yourself and your work with CLASS. This should include who you are and in what ways will you add to the diversity and dedication of our attendees? How does your work align with the mission of improving classroom interactions? Share your CLASS story! 
    • Tell us about the people in the community you serve. Who are they and why will they benefit from your experience at InterAct?
    • Tell us how you will leverage your learning within your community when you return from InterAct CLASS Summit. How will your attendance impact your community? 
Note: If you'd prefer to submit your application as a video recording of the answer to these questions, instead of a written response, please feel free to submit a video application to programs@teachstone.com.