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InterAct 2024 Proposal Overview

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the InterAct CLASS® Summit! This year, the Summit will occur in person in San Diego on April 3-4, 2024. The deadline for proposals was December 1, 2023. We will announce accepted and rejected proposals on January 4, 2024.

The theme for InterAct 2024 is "Building a brighter future with CLASS." The Summit depends on leaders like you to provide sessions that inspire and expand our thinking. We are seeking sessions that share stories of impact or stories that fit into this year's session topics below. 


Suggested Topics:

  • Advancing Equity and Inclusion
    • Creating Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Classroom Environments 
    • Building High-Quality Professional Development Systems to Advance Racial and Social Justice
    • Trauma-Informed Strategies Across Early Childhood Systems
  • Recruit, Retrain, Retain
    • Policy and Advocacy for Workforce Development
    • Supporting Diverse Workforces
    • Mentorship and Coaching Programs
    • Leadership Development
  • Coaching for Impact
    • Peer coaching and professional learning groups
    • Data-driven coaching
    • Culturally Responsive Coaching
    • Building a Culture of Coaching
  • Streamlining Quality Assessment 
    • Scaling Quality Improvement
    • Crosswalks
    • QRS
    • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Case Studies in Quality Improvement
    • Moving beyond measurement- CLASS as a system
  • CLASS Across Settings
    • Strategies for Supporting DLL 
    • Parallel Process
    • After School programs
    • Family Engagement & Support
    • CLASS in Inclusive Classrooms/ Early Intervention
    • CLASS in family child care programs

Presentation Formats

  • Interaction Snapshot (30 Minutes)
    Our 30-minute sessions are designed for presenters who want to deliver a compact yet impactful presentation. These sessions offer a rapid overview of a specific topic, idea, or research area, allowing attendees to grasp key insights and takeaways quickly. Presenters in this category are encouraged to distill their content to its essence, making it an ideal choice for sharing highlights, introducing new concepts, or sparking engaging discussions.
  • Engage and Learn (60 Minutes)
    Share your expertise and insight on a topic in an interactive lecture format. Dive deeper into your chosen topic, engage the audience with interactive discussions, and share practical examples. These sessions offer more time for interaction.
  • Deep Dive (90 Minutes)
    An immersive session for an in-depth exploration of complex subjects, encouraging in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing. Take time to engage the audience, have meaningful discussions, and create tangible outcomes. These sessions allow you to provide a workshop-style session with interaction, creation, and discussion. There are fewer 90-minute slots, so sessions must have robust learning outcomes. 


Submit a Proposal



  • When are proposals due? All proposals must be submitted by the end of the day on December 1, 2023.
  • When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted? We will inform you if your submission is accepted on January 4, 2024.
  • Who attends? Leaders from early childhood and K-12 educational systems attend the Summit, including decision-makers at every level: state and district administrators, program leaders, instructional coaches, and assessors. The majority of attendees are focused on early childhood (birth to eight years). 
  • Does my session need to focus on CLASS only? No. We've had a number of popular sessions that are more loosely tied to CLASS, including using mindfulness practices, incorporating sign language, or focusing solely on improving interactions without using CLASS terminology. We do find that participants want to be able to make connections to their work. Their common tie is usually the CLASS tool, so being able to either implicitly or explicitly tie it back to CLASS is appreciated. See last year's schedule for examples. 
  • What's the average session size? Sessions can range in size from 50-150 people.
  • What sessions have been popular at past conferences? From the feedback we received after previous InterAct CLASS Summits, we know people like to hear a story. They like to hear about the bumps in the road and how you overcame them—the successes and failures. Attendees have let us know that they are particularly interested in attending more sessions around coaching, DEI, countering bias, and supporting dual language learners. Last year's most visited sessions were about coaching and professional development, and they celebrated a community of continuous improvement.
  • How are proposals selected? A small group of reviewers will blindly review all proposals against a rubric. This means that reviewers will not see who submitted proposals until final selections have been made. They will be looking to see interactive, relevant to the audience, and purposeful sessions.
  • Do I need to submit my slides with my proposal? No, we work with presenters and collect slides in the weeks before the Summit. However, if you have slides because you've presented this topic before, feel free to include them. 
  • Will sessions be shared during/after the Summit? Slides will be added to the event platform once you submit them to us.
  • Do presenters get a registration discount? Yes! If your session is chosen, you'll receive a discount on your registration for the in-person Summit.

Submit a Proposal