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Moving around the Room to Check In on Participants

Look For

As you watch this video, look for how the trainer:

  • Jokes and smiles with the participants
  • Shares her own experiences
  • Moves around the room to check in with participants


How does smiling, laughing, and having social conversations with your training participants benefit both you and the participants? Where are some of these same ideas captured in the CLASS tool?

Read the blog post Coaches: What to Know if You’re New to CLASS - Parallel Process for tips on identifying and using effective interactions in your own work.

How often do you smile and engage in social conversation with the strangers you meet in your daily life? If the answer is “not often,” give it a try! Next time you are at a store, for instance, practice smiling and engaging the cashier in social conversation. Notice how the cashier reacts and how that reaction compares with your past experiences at the checkout.

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