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Resources from the webinar

Additional Resources

During the webinar we mentioned several resources and services that you may find valuable. Check them out below!

  • QRIS Knock it Down Video Series:  This video series from the Policy Equity Group explains QRIS structures and how, while well intentioned, many are unfair to children and educators. You will learn alternative ways of structuring QRIS with equity in mind. 
  • Apply for the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5):  These grants are are available to states and territories to support early childhood services for children birth to age five. Find out if your program is eligible and how funds can be applied here. 
  • The Policy Equity Group: Based in DC, the Policy Equity Group aims to change the course of children's futures by partnering with systems to promote equity and support children and families. 
  • CLASS  2nd Edition: CLASS 2nd Edition takes the best elements of CLASS to evaluate those important interactions between educators and students with an increased awareness of and emphasis on equity. You can learn more about using CLASS 2nd Edition by speaking to a Teachstone representative here.  
  • Contact a Representative:  Whether you want to learn more about PDG B-5 and what it means for your state, QRIS systems and how to create a better system, or if you simply want to talk CLASS, fill out the form on this page to connect.