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Resources from the webinar

Additional Resources

During the webinar we mentioned several resources and services that you may find valuable. Check them out below!

  • Share Your Sticky Situations and Advice Here! Are you dealing with a "sticky situation" with another educator in your school? Share your situation in our CLASS Learning Community or give some words of wisdom here.
  • How to Build a Strong Teaching Team Want to hear more from Deidre? On this episode of Teaching with CLASS, she takes a deep dive into building a strong teaching team with a shared vision.
  • Team Agreements  In this webinar, Deidre shares the importance of creating team agreements to set your team on course at the start of the school year. Check out these templates which would make a great resource for your in-service days.
  • Coaching Resources Check out these resources to help coaches build better relationships with teachers. 
  • CLASS Certifications Are you ready to be CLASS certified? See which track makes the most sense for you.