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Resiliency in 2023: How Leaders Can Navigate Today’s Challenging Landscape

As the school year is now in full swing, we invite you to join our session in which we’ll share strategies for the most common challenges that school leaders are facing. Across thousands of educators, we heard about three common issues impacting the classroom. We're sharing tactical strategies and supports that help overcome these challenges.

You'll learn how the power of interactions and CLASS® can help you build a unified workforce, transform challenging behaviors, and foster early literacy success.

In this one-hour-long webinar, we will delve into practice solutions that address these challenges head-on, enhancing the learning environments and making a positive impact in your program.

  • September 29, 2023
  • 1 p.m. EST | 10 a.m. PST

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    Addressing Challenges Head On

    In talking with thousands of educators around the nation, we've gain some insights into how leaders are addressing these challenges:
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    Post-pandemic shifts have presented unprecedented difficulties in recruiting, retaining, and training teachers.

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    The increase of challenging behaviors has grown considerably, making it harder for educators to support learning and build relationships.


    Though this marks the third year since COVID’s beginnings, the pandemic's impact on learning loss, particularly early literacy skills is still notable.

    About The Speakers

    april ashley

    April Ashley

    CLASS Specialist, Teachstone

    sara diamond

    Sara Diamond

    Partnership Director, Teachstone

    About Teachstone

    As the trusted leader in CLASS-driven measurement and mentoring, Teachstone has the proven expertise schools need to nurture better student outcomes, one classroom at a time. With decades of early childhood education research as a foundation, we offer products and programs that help schools unlock the potential of great teachers, boost student outcomes, and create a culture of sustained excellence.

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