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Imagine a world where your organization can easily implement and expand CLASS® at your own pace. With Teachstone’s CLASS Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program, you can certify your own trainers who will deliver CLASS Observer Certification Trainings to create Certified CLASS Observers and conduct educator introduction courses that establish a shared language of quality.

This program equips your trainers with the tools and support needed to build a strong, scalable CLASS culture tailored to your needs. Join us at this webinar on June 25 to learn more about the Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program and how to get started.

  • June 25, 2024
  • 2 pm EST

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    In this webinar:


    Learn what the Train-the-Trainer Affiliate Program is


    Learn how get started with the Train-the-Trainer Program

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    Discover enhancements to Affiliate programs from the new CLASS 2nd Edition

    About The Speaker

    Emily Simon

    Emily Simon

    Sr. Director of Product Strategy

    At Teachstone, we’re helping educators around the world leverage the proven power of interactions to help more students thrive. As the company behind the CLASS® tool, we empower schools’ leaders and educators to understand the interactions that matter most, develop their skills, and assess their progress. From actionable feedback and training to user-friendly content and tech, Teachstone offers everything needed to apply and advance the simple art of intentional interactions.

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