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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    What is Data-Driven PD and Why Does It Work?

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    Use data to empower your staff. 

    TITLE: What is Data-Driven Professional Development and Why Does it Work?

    Scott Siegfried, Director of Quality and Program Outcomes, Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc.

    Padma Rajan, Vice President, Programs, Research and Evaluation, Early Learning Coalition of Duval Southside Office

    Rebecca Berlin, Chief Strategy Officer, Teachstone

    DURATION: 60 min.

    Data, data, data.  It’s all the rage these days.  You have tons of excel files, and you recently learned how to make a pivot table (!!!), but how do you actually use the numbers and information you spend so much time collecting and manipulating?  Is there a way to use data to empower coaches and teachers, to help them assess needs, and even find resources to meet these needs?  Can data move us away from factory-like, top-down learning experiences for teachers?  

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage your data to put coaches and teachers in the driver’s seat as they select and implement professional development to truly change teaching practice.

    Don't have time to watch the full recording? You can enjoy some of the key takeaways on our Webinar Recap blog post.   


    Scott Siegfried

    Director of Quality and Program Outcomes, 

    Miami Valley Child Development Centers, Inc.




    Padma Rajan

    Vice President, Programs, Research and Evaluation, 

    Early Learning Coalition of Duval Southside Office




    Rebecca Berlin

    Chief Strategy Officer, Teachstone



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