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Knocking Down QRIS Structures and Rebuilding with Effectiveness and Equity at the Forefront

Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) can play a powerful role in supporting providers, improving children’s experiences, and helping families make informed choices. However, numerous studies across states show that QRIS may not be working as intended. Sadly, it might actually be perpetuating inequities and White-dominant cultural norms at the expense of marginalized groups.

Applications for the Preschool Development Grant Birth-5 (PDG B-5) are estimated to open in early September. With this funding comes the opportunity to create lasting change by creating alternative models of continuous quality improvement. Using powerful visuals and real-world state examples, we explore how to knock down QRIS structures, use PDG B-5 funds to rebuild a stronger and more equitable system, and advocate for lasting change.

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Meet the Presenters

suzann morris

Suzann Morris

Senior Director, Public Policy & Government Relations, Teachstone

Kelly Etter

Kelly Etter

Vice President, Early Childhood Initiatives, Policy Equity Group


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