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Webinar: Rebuilding Community: Navigating the New Normal

As educators, our lives have been forever changed. We have all experienced trauma in some form. As schools begin to make plans for reopening, it is imperative that we address the effect of this pandemic experience not only for our students, but also for the adults who work with them.
This webinar will discuss ideas for how schools can begin to rebuild a sense of community including exploring adult social and emotional needs, collaborating on strategies to build caring connections with our students and colleagues.

This webinar took place on September 16, 2020 at 1:00 pm EST.

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Topics Will Include

How schools can begin to rebuild a sense of community

Adult social and emotional needs

Strategies to build caring connections with our students and colleagues

About the Presenters

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Mark Greenberg, Ph.D

Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. is the Emeritus holder of The Bennett Endowed Chair in Prevention Research at Penn State Univ. He is one of the primary authors of The PATHS® curriculum and has conducted research on its impact since 1981 He is the author of more than 300 articles on promotin well-being, He is one of the Founders on CASEL (www.casel.org).


Denine Parks-Goolsby M.Ed

Denine Parks-Goolsby M.Ed is a Principal Coach and Social Emotional Resource Consultant with Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Warrensville Heights City School District. She is a Board Member of CREATE.


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Dr. Joseph Gerics

Dr. Joseph Gerics has served in the field of education for 16 years with both classroom teaching and administrative experience. He currently holds the position of SEL manager with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

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