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Webinar: What Do High-Quality In-Classroom Interactions Look Like During COVID-19?

We recently published guidance around CLASS observations of in-person teaching including what high-quality classroom interactions may look like, despite increased physical distancing and mask-wearing. But, we know you may still have questions on how to best support children given the restrictions many face due to COVID-19. 

In this webinar, you will hear more about these challenges and get CLASS-based strategies and solutions for supporting children with high-quality interactions in the classroom.

This webinar took place on August 19, 2020.

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Topics Include

How teacher-student interactions may have changed due to COVID

What high-quality in-classroom interactions look like and how to conduct observations safely

The use of video for observation and coding

Meet the Presenter

Sarah Hadden -2017

Sarah Hadden

Senior Advisor, Research and Professional Services

Sarah Hadden, Ph.D. is the senior advisor for research and professional services at Teachstone. She works to ensure that Teachstone’s programs for improvements in ECE and K-12 education are grounded in research and delivered in ways that reflect best practices for adult learning. As a former teacher and teacher educator, Sarah is particularly interested in translating research into practice.

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