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    Why Professional Development Isn't One Size Fits All


    Why Professional Development Isn't One Size Fits All

    A one-hour webinar recording 

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    Learn how to meet teachers where they are. 

    TITLE: Why PD Isn't One Size Fits All

    Hilary Ritt, Director of Content, Teachstone

    Pam Bojo, Director of Field Operations, Georgia's Pre-K

    DURATION: 60 min.

    When it comes to PD, teachers have a lot to say. One thing we've heard many teachers say is that in order to really grow and learn they need professional development that meets them where they are.

    In this webinar we’ll explore the value of individualized learning opportunities for teachers and why we need to move beyond “pre-fab” or “one-fits-all” professional development to see change. You’ll learn how data can help you understand where your teachers need support, as well as how ready and receptive they are to change. Based on these insights, you can help your teachers get the help and resources they need to  make a difference in their teaching.

    Don't have time to watch the full recording? You can catch the 90-second recap on our blog.



    Pam Bojo

    Director of Field Operations, 

    Georgia Pre-K



    Hilary Ritt

    Director of Content, 




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