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    CLASS® and Equity Webinar
    Define and build equity in early childhood education using the CLASS system

    1 hour recording

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    Please join us as we explore approaches to equitable and culturally and linguistically relevant assessment and professional development in early childhood education (ECE). 
    • Explore how to define and build equity using the CLASS.
    • Reflect on the experiences, expectations, assumptions, and potential biases with the communities and groups in which we work.
    • Review the CLASS structure and CLASS behavioral markers with a lens of cultural sensitivity and equity.
    • Learn about Teachstone's internal work to strengthen the culturally and linguistically responsive and equitable implementation of CLASS for diverse children and families.
    • And, learn about our internal work of implementing culturally and linguistically relevant practices through staff and team education to inform products and services.

    Presented by:


    Dominique McCain-1




    amy cubbage




    manda klein

    Dominique McCain, Director, Early Matters Dallas

    Amy Cubbage, Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Teachstone


    Manda Klein, Vice President of Business Development, Teachstone


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