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    Developing an Infrastructure for Collecting CLASS® Data
    What to consider when designing a CLASS data collection system

    1 hour recording

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    This webinar is part of a  3-part webinar series that will take participants step-by-step through best practices for collecting and reporting CLASS data. The webinars will build upon one another, however, participants are welcome to attend those sessions that will be most beneficial to them.

    After you watch this webinar, watch the second and third webinars in this series.

    Setting up a system for collecting CLASS data can be a daunting task. Common questions include: How many observers do we need? How many classrooms should be observed? When is the best time to conduct observations? The answers to these questions will vary depending on the goals and purpose for conducting observations.  In this webinar, presenters will lead participants through a discussion of key information that needs to be taken into account when designing a system for CLASS data collection


    Presented by:

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    vicki kintner-duffy headshot


    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Research and Professional Services, Teachstone

    Vicki Kintner-Duffy, Research and Evaluation Specialist, Teachstone



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