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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    Leaders Changing Mindsets with Data: Moving from a Compliance-driven to an Impact-driven Organization

    A one-hour recording. 

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    Leverage the data you already collect to become an organization that makes an impact. 

    As an early learning leader, you probably already use data to track progress, plan initiatives, and provide reports to external stakeholders. However, you may be overlooking opportunities to think about data in an integrated way to pose questions and provide answers to the challenges that you face as an organization. This session will use a strengths-based lens for leveraging data in your daily operations to impact improvement in classroom practices and relationship building.  We will begin the webinar with a three-minute challenge to list all the data sources you currently utilize, so bring an open mind, a sharpened #3 pencil, and a few pieces of lined paper to the webinar!  

    Presented by:


    Dr. Rebecca Berlin

    Chief Strategy Officer, Teachstone

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