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    How to Set Up a CLASS® Data Collection Protocol

    1 hour recording

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    This webinar is part of a  3-part webinar series that will take participants step-by-step through best practices for collecting and reporting CLASS data. The webinars will build upon one another, however, participants are welcome to attend those sessions that will be most beneficial to them.

    Organizations collect CLASS data for a variety of reasons. They may use data to make decisions about professional development, to gage overall program quality, or to make high stakes decisions related to funding. Regardless of the reason, decisions will only be meaningful if the data is reliable and valid.

    A solid protocol for data collection can help ensure that CLASS data truly reflects what is happening in classrooms. In this webinar, we'll help participants identify important elements to include in a protocol, as well as best practices in data collection. Topics to be covered include: scheduling, observer protocol, observer training and support, and data quality checks.


    Presented by:

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    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Research and Professional Services, Teachstone

    Vicki Kintner-Duffy, Research and Evaluation Specialist, Teachstone



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