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    Setting the Stage for Successful Teacher-Child Interactions
    How to build strong relationships with every child in a classroom

    1 hour recording

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    Teacher-child interactions are the active ingredient in early childhood classrooms. When interactions with teachers are consistently positive and supportive, children thrive. With all of the competing demands in the classroom, sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on what’s most important –interactions with children. And unfortunately, there are times when teachers find it challenging to establish strong relationships with each and every child.
    Join us for this webinar where we’ll discuss why interactions are important. We'll talk about ways to cultivate strong relationships with every child in a classroom by reframing the way we respond to children, thereby strengthening relationships between teachers and the children they teach. We'll also discuss ways to incorporate more opportunities for enriched interactions into a typical classroom schedule.

    Presented by:

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    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Research and Professional Services, Teachstone

    Mamie Morrow, Senior CLASS Specialist, Teachstone



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