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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    Teacher-Child Interactions: The Key to Learning!

    The importance of positive interactions and relationships in the classroom.

    1 hour

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    Children learn within the context of their relationships with adults.

    Children who have strong relationships with their teachers and caregivers are more excited about school and subsequently are likely to learn more. These positive relationships are built as a result of repeated positive interactions between children and the adults who care for and teach them. 

    This webinar talks about how teachers can interact with children in ways that promote learning and development. Drawing on a large body of research, presenters will share information about what effective interactions look like and discuss ways that teachers can embed these types of interactions into everyday activities and routines.

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    Mary-Margaret Gardiner-1

    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Policy and Professional Development, Teachstone

    Mary Margaret-Gardiner, CLASS Specialist, Teachstone


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