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MTP Coaching Improves Instructional Support in California

02 Jun 2014 by Ginny Vitiello

First 5 California just released an evaluation report for their CARES Plus program. The results show that teachers who participated in MyTeachingPartner (MTP) Coaching significantly improved their Classroom Organization and--most important--their Instructional Support scores! To quote from the report:

“[S]ignificant gains in Instructional Support were made only by participants in the MyTeachingPartner™ (MTP™) track. MTP, as a professional growth and coaching model, may hold the most promise for improving the quality of interactions between teachers and young children.”

CARES Plus takes a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of early education. All teachers in the program are required to complete core elements, which include the online Introduction to the CLASS Tool and Looking at CLASSrooms. After that, teachers can choose from three options:

  1. Higher education coursework in early childhood

  2. Evidence-based training

  3. MTP coaching

This evaluation showed that MTP coaching was the only option that led to better Instructional Support.

Why did it work? Here are the elements we think contributed to success:

  • MTP coaching is proven to improve interactions when implemented with fidelity:

    • It focuses directly on teacher-child interactions

    • It is intensive enough to bring about real change

  • First 5 California has worked hard to implement MTP coaching with fidelity by:

    • Holding information sessions for leaders across the state

    • Hiring experienced and enthusiastic coaches

    • Encouraging teachers to complete as many MTP coaching sessions as they could

  • Teachstone supported the coaches by:

    • Training them in the MTP process

    • Holding one-on-one and group calls to help coaches do their best work

  • Coaches supported teachers by:

    • Forming strong, positive relationships with them

    • Helping teachers see their interactions in a new light

    • Building on teachers’ strengths

    • Using video from teachers’ own classrooms to help them truly see and improve their interactions

We are delighted that the hard work--on the part of teachers, coaches, MTP staff, and our colleagues at First 5, is paying off.

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