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The Best myTeachstone Resources for Coaches

19 Sep 2016 by Emily Doyle

Coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, jobs, and educational experiences. You may have “coach” in your job title, use a specific coaching model, and have received formal coach-training; on the other hand, “coaching” may be a less official part of your role but you may often find yourself supporting teachers and colleagues.

Wherever you fall on the continuum of experiences, if you support teachers, then you could probably use a little support yourself as you strive to be the best mentor you can be.

Here is a list of common questions and concerns we hear from coaches, and some of our favorite myTeachstone resources that can help!  

I’m new to coaching. How should I get started?

“I’m fairly new to CLASS. How can I beef up my CLASS knowledge (or just refresh myself on a specific dimension)?”

  • Course Series: Learn About [CLASS Dimension] (15 min/course)
    • Start with the Learn About Positive Climate course, or use the search bar to find and work through more CLASS dimensions and age levels (available for Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K).

I feel pretty good about my CLASS knowledge, but I’m a little shaky on Instructional Support.

My teacher was just observed on the CLASS--what should I do next?

Strengths-based coaching sounds good in theory, but how can I apply this in a way that actually addresses what teachers need to improve?

How can I use teacher data to individualize my support for teachers?

I’m wearing two hats: director and coach. Help!

We hope you’ll engage in these resources and apply what you learn to your coaching practice--but don’t stop here--there are many more coaching-focused resources in myTeachstone!

Did we miss any coaching challenges or fail to mention one of your favorite myTeachstone resources? Let us know. Join the CLASS Learning Community and start the discussion today.

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