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Top 10 Teachstone Blog Posts to Share with Your Participants

09 Aug 2016 by Tracy Jones

My life was forever changed on May 20, 2015. That was the date of the last episode of The David Letterman Show. I was not just any David Letterman fan. I had been watching him since I was a little girl. He started out on game shows and even had a morning show on NBC when I was just a kid. I’m not exactly sure why I like him, aside from his sense of humor. Maybe it is because we both have a gap between our front teeth, or maybe because we share a love for meditation, or perhaps it’s because we both enjoy a good stogie once in a while. So in homage to David Letterman here are the Top Ten Teachstone Blogs that as a trainer, I find helpful to share with my participants.


3 Free Resources to Share with Someone New to CLASS - Good for people who are new to CLASS.


5 CLASS Reliability Test Hacks - This blog has 5 very helpful tips concerning scoring and note taking.


Confessions of a Perfectionist: Failing CLASS Reliability - This blog was written by a Teachstone staff member who shares what it’s like to not pass reliability the first time around.


The Truth about CLASS Reliability Pass Rates - This blog shares some true facts about reliability testing.


Busting 3 Common CLASS Coding Myths -  This blog dispels some common myths relating to scoring.


Remaining Objective: Moving Beyond “I Felt Like...” - An explanation of how personal bias may intrude on our CLASS lens.


Get By with a Little Help from Your Trainer - Test-taking advice from a very experienced CLASS trainer.


CLASS Coding: Don't Play the Numbers Game! - Five reasons you should assign the full range of scores.


Is the CLASS Tool Subjective? - A handy blog to share with trainees to clarify how the CLASS tool is truly objective.


10 Things to Do Before (and During) Your Reliability Testing - 10 helpful tips on how your trainees can pass reliability testing. 

Now, I think these are all great posts. Please take a few minutes to read them before you recommend them-- ou won’t be sorry! Be on the look out for my next Top 10 blog. It’s in the works now, folks!

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