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With CLASS, Interactions Matter—But You Can't Neglect Classroom Set Up

09 Feb 2016 by Mary-Margaret Gardiner
We received an email recently that summed up something that we've been hearing in the field regarding the use of CLASS and classroom set up. This isn't the exact correspondence, but it went a little something like this:

Dear Mary-Margaret and Sarah,

I wanted to get your feedback on a situation that I've been noticing more and more. I'm an observer going to many different classrooms where they are seriously dedicated to improving interactions. That's great! But I've noticed that some programs are focusing so much on interactions that they've essentially started to neglect their room set up, and it seems to be causing some problems. What is a program to do? What are your thoughts?


That's a great question—such an important question that we recorded a conversation on this topic to post on our blog. 


You'll hear me mention a slide from CLASS observation trainings breaking down the elements that affect learning in a classroom. Here's that lovely graphic:



Do you have any other questions about conducing CLASS observations, improving scores, or conducting CLASS-based professional development? Send them our way. You can find our contact information on the Teachstone team page. Click on me, Mary-Margaret Gardiner, or Sarah Hadden and send us your tricky CLASS questions!


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