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World's Best Boss? Effective Leadership and the CLASS Measure

03 Feb 2014 by Guest Blogger

We are thrilled to have Marla Muntner guest blog for us today. Marla has spent most of her professional life supporting teaching and learning—inside and outside of the classroom. She’s worked for newspapers, nonprofits, public schools, and education companies. As the former Marketing and Communications Manager for Teachstone, she thrived on creative work through designing instructional programs, managing complex projects, leading creative teams, and designing engaging communications materials.

Good bosses. Everyone wants one—some people even want to be one! But what makes a good boss?

It’s easy to see parallels between the interactions that make bosses effective and those that work in the classroom.

  • Just like good teachers, good leaders create positive, supportive, and respectful environments within which learning and work occur.
  • Good teachers and bosses organize needed time and resources—and provide clear expectations.
  • They offer feedback and ask questions to promote deeper thinking, learning, and empowerment.

Sound familiar? It should if you’ve already engaged with the CLASS™ measure. And just like teaching effectively, leading effectively requires deep thinking, intentionality, and support. That’s why we’re excited about our 2014 Leadership Webinar Series.

These free webinars focus on supporting leaders as they increase the focus on effective teacher-child interactions within their organizations. All webinars contain practical tips and tricks, and provide opportunities for interaction and application to your unique setting.

Register for the first in the series, or register for all topics to begin honing your CLASS implementation leadership skills.


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