In today’s world, there isn’t much technology can’t do. It can help you stay connected to family and friends, keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals, and can even adjust your thermostat while you’re away from home.

And now, with myTeachstone, it can promote positive child-outcomes through facilitating on-going, meaningful, and continuous improvement efforts.

myTeachstone is more than just a technology platform to facilitate improvement. It’s research-based and provides the tools, functionality, and systematic approach to focus, measure, and improve teacher-child interactions— -- a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success

Top three reasons to choose myTeachstone

1. myTeachstone embodies key research principles that drive real outcomes.

Research emphasizes six key principles in effectively supporting teacher growth. myTeachstone was built on this research and provides key functionality to easily bring the six proven principles into daily practice. With a research-based platform, you can have full confidence that the practices and improvement efforts are driving real outcomes.


2. myTeachstone streamlines key activities for supporting teacher-growth.

Effective growth happens when teachers have the opportunity to be observed, to receive ongoing coaching, to access meaningful learning experiences, and to engage with other educators. myTeachstone not only streamlines these activities into one platform, but works to ensure they’re all connected. And, with access to research-based resources, and functionality that supports building professional learning communities, you can engage teachers in ways we know drive positive outcomes.


3. myTeachstone promotes a continuous cycle of improvement.

Improvement and change happen over time. myTeachstone facilitates a systematic approach to improvement and can streamline your CLASS® implementation. With the functionality to not only collect informal and formal observation data but to also tie that data to recommended professional development and learning experiences and to have the tools to facilitate consistent, and meaningful coaching opportunities, it drives ongoing improvement.

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