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CDA with CLASS — The Measure of the Gold Standard

02 May 2019 by James Bennett

Teachstone is pleased to announce that starting June 3rd, we will be launching our public offering of the Child Development Associate with CLASS®. Enrollment will open on May 6. It is a comprehensive online program that supports learners seeking to fulfill the continued education requirements for maintaining their Child Development Associate (CDA) accreditation.

Providing early childhood professional development that embraces structure and process is an important transition for Teachstone. As the creators of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), Teachstone has always been interested in measuring and creating solutions that foster positive interactions in the classroom. Research shows us that the earlier we can introduce positive interactions, the larger an impact they have in a child’s life.

If we think of early childhood education as the basic block of a foundation, positive interactions are the glue that allows these blocks to stick together. It is what helps a child develop a love of learning and improve student outcomes. The CDA with CLASS is the first step towards a meaningful, sustainable path for positive student outcomes.

What to learn more? Here are five reasons why you should consider CDA with CLASS.

We are Not About the Click It and Forget It

The CDA with CLASS features the best practices for online engagement with interactive features that support meaningful, memorable learning, including bite-sized learning modules with frequent feedback opportunities for learners. The coursework is organized around the CLASS framework and focuses on educators’ interactions with children, families, colleagues, and their community.

It’s Personal

The CDA with CLASS walks the walk by providing you with personalized feedback from assignments, quizzes, and discussion questions. Additionally, Teachstone helps you get started on developing your Portfolio (a requirement for CDA certification). Our instructors are world CLASS and are committed to seeing you succeed.

CLASS Makes a World of Difference

Teachstone helps you see why having a CDA with CLASS makes a world of difference. The CDA with CLASS demonstrates how interactions matter in a young learner’s development and prepares teachers to be effective advocates for their students. We don’t talk at you. We help you improve your teaching skills.  

CLASS is a Verb, Not Just a Theory

Witness CLASS in action - through interactive learning and video content, the CDA with CLASS shows you real classroom interactions to illustrate concepts that help reinforce CLASS principle. Teachstone has over 20 years of experience and has been recognized for its innovative approach that helps teachers hone their skills in the classroom.

Like No Other - Only (CDA) with CLASS

The fact is there are many programs out there, but none of them have CLASS. Most do not engage or prepare teachers in a meaningful way. CDA with CLASS shows teachers how to plan and implement concepts in the classroom. It encourages positive interactions that extend way beyond the classroom.

Teachstone is motivated by children. They shouldn’t have to wait to experience the life-changing power of great teaching. We want to educate the next generation of early childhood educators who will instill a love of learning in young people everywhere.

Ready to get started? Our CDA with CLASS programs have been awarded the Gold Standard Certification from the Council for Professional Recognition!