We are thrilled to unveil the latest updates to our CLASS® certification journey, driven by valuable user feedback. These enhancements are designed to transform your experience when preparing for and taking your CLASS certification test. This enhanced experience will roll out on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

This new experience will be available for Pre-K and Pre-K–3rd after September 25, 2023. 

A New Look and Seamless Experience

Our new look creates an engaging and intuitive experience throughout your certification journey. The new streamlined navigation ensures you feel confident through the entire process of earning your CLASS® certification, from preparation to test time.

Receive Access to Free Test Prep Sooner

Get ready to supercharge your preparation for the CLASS® Observation test! You’ll gain access to free resources 8 weeks before your certification is renewable, regardless of when you activate your product key. And you’ll receive access to more training and practice videos. With earlier access and more resources, you'll have what you need to feel confident beginning your certification test. 



Enhanced Test Experience

Observing classrooms deserves your full attention, which is why we wanted to help you “recreate” what a real observation may feel like, with your total focus on observing. Experience a full screen when watching videos without the outside distractions, and after you finish watching, you’ll move on to coding the dimensions just like you would in a real observation cycle! And, with a new progress bar, you will know where you are in the process.



Greater Detail and Connect with Help Easier

Knowing where you’ve excelled and where you need to study more is key to effectively improving your skills. With the updated Score Report feature, you can now easily see which dimensions and performance indicators you have nailed down and which ones could use additional study time before your next test attempt. 

In addition to a detailed Score Report, we’ve made it easier to keep track of your test attempts and reach out for help when you need it. No more stress of tracking down how to find reliability support. You will now see which attempt you’ve completed, how many you have left, and you can quickly get in touch with Reliability Support for additional help.


These updates are all about you and your journey to becoming a certified CLASS® Observer. We are always listening to your feedback and cannot wait to hear how you feel about this upgraded experience! You’ll have an opportunity to share your feedback in a short survey following your updated certification experience.