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Extra Recertification Practice Videos Have Arrived!

06 Oct 2016 by Campbell Buie

I am excited to announce some new resources to help Observers prepare for recertification. Observers have told us that it would be helpful to have more videos to practice coding before beginning recertification (especially if they have not been consistently coding in recent weeks!). In response to this, we have made two updates to recertification preparation that create more opportunities for practice.

Update 1: All Practice Videos Are Available From the Start
Previously, extra practice videos were unlocked only upon failure of the first recertification test attempt. This meant that observers who were consistently successful on the first attempt were given access to the same first practice test year after year. Now, additional recertification practice tests are available immediately upon test activation.

Update 2: New Practice Videos and Justifications
Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K Observers now include three practice tests that can be completed in any sequence as observers prepare for recertification. K-3, Upper Elementary, and Secondary Observers have two practice tests to choose from. New practice tests for Infant (Balls in the Hall), Toddler (New Shoes, Old Friends), and Pre-K (Funny Faces) are brand new practice videos and justifications created especially for this project.

As you can see below, the third recertification practice video looks a little different from the rest:


Selecting the “Take/retake the third recertification practice test” link takes you directly to the video. When you select “Balls in the Hall Justification,” this prompts an automatic justification download. You can then use the downloaded justification to manually calculate your reliability score.

We encourage you to share these updates with your colleagues and trainees who are recertifying and to check out the new practice tests when you recertify this year. Happy training!

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