Empowering and equipping coaches with the information and resources they need to mentor also empowers the teachers they're coaching. Check out these coaching resources that discuss how to provide feedback based on CLASS data, how to prepare teachers for a CLASS observation, and much more.


1. E-Book

In our e-book, Coaching Tips for Sticky Situations, you'll learn how to provide specific feedback, phrases you should avoid while mentoring others, and strategies for building relationships with resistant teachers.

2. Video

Are you working with teachers who are being observed for the first time or who need a refresher on what happens in a CLASS observation? Share our video, A Teacher's Take on CLASS Observations, with them. They'll learn about the benefits of being observed and the benefits of CLASS.

3. Infographic

This infographic provides 4 tips for empowering teachers to lead! Print it out and share it with your colleagues.

CLASS-Inspired tips for (2).png