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Infographic: Problems & Solutions to Online Professional Development

11 Jun 2015 by Jessica Swope
Leveraging technology to support professional development for teachers is a growing trend in education—one that's really just getting started. If you've been keeping up with our blog posts, e-books, and research papers, you've heard us talk a lot recently about how technology is empowering teacher growth by:
  • Allowing coaches to differentiate the PD based on each teacher's needs
  • Putting educators in the driver's seat of their learning through independent online learning
  • Giving teachers opportunities to reflect on their practice through classroom videos
  • Connecting teachers with their peers in online communities of practice
But just because online teacher professional development is more accessible, more targeted, and more community-oriented than ever doesn't mean it's always readily embraced. There are barriers—sometimes not insignificant ones—that can make implementing an online PD program challenging. The good news is that there are solutions. This infographic names a few.



For a closer look at these barriers, as well as their solutions, download this free e-book:

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