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November Affiliate Trainer Spotlight: Bridget Rey

02 Dec 2016 by Sarah Hadden

I am delighted to introduce Bridget Rey, our Affiliate Trainer for November. As the CLASS Coordinator for Agenda for Children in New Orleans, Bridget has her hands in all things CLASS down in Louisiana! Louisiana’s Early Childhood Education Act mandates the completion of CLASS observations for the purpose of accountabilityduring the fall and spring in every toddler and pre-k classroom in programs that receive public funding. Agenda for Children is the lead agency for overseeing this work in New Orleans which amounts to approximately 1,000 CLASS observations in public schools, private schools, early learning centers and Head Start/Early Head Start.

Bridget became an Affiliate Trainer on Pre-K in June of 2013 and took on the Toddler Trainer role in October of the same year. Since that time, she has conducted 23 Pre-K and Toddler Intro and Observation Trainings throughout Louisiana. And because she isn’t busy enough, she hopes to become an Affiliate Trainer on Infant as well.

Bridget’s work with the CLASS expands beyond the training room. She uses the CLASS tool in her daily work to support Contracted CLASS Observers, early childhood education (ECE) providers, and coaches. Part of her work includes helping observers guard against drift, ensuring the reliability of the data that’s collected. In addition, she provides professional development so that ECE providers can improve the effectiveness of their interactions with children.

Bridget has remained in close contact with Teachstone so that she can take advantage of all the supports we provide to Affiliate Trainers (phone calls, emails, webinars, blogs, participating and presenting in InterAct Summit, etc.). Doing so has allowed her to more fully understand all aspects of the CLASS tool and to remain abreast of new professional development resources related to the CLASS tool. She encourages new trainers to make the training their own (within the parameters of the established standard) and applicable to their practice to creatively engage participants. She also recommends that new Affiliate Trainers be open to all the CLASS tool has to offer them in their work as well as in all other aspects of their life. She explains, “as I continue to utilize all of the supports offered by Teachstone, my experience with the tool has far surpassed all of my expectations and enhanced many of my professional and practical experiences!”

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