Being an instructional coach or mentor is difficult. Sometimes it may feel like you don't have any support—especially when it comes to providing effective feedback to the teachers you work with. Have you, as a coach, ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

“I just got our CLASS scores back. What data should I share with the teachers I work with?” 

"I’ve heard that some teachers get to know what their scores are, while other organizations only share the range in which their teachers scored. Is one way right?" 

“I only have 60 minutes to conference with this teacher. How do I pick only one or two dimensions to focus on?”

There are so many dimensions I want to work on, and just so little time! And what happens when I think we should focus more on one dimension, and my teacher really wants to spend time looking at another?

“How can I individualize my session for that teacher who is resistant to both change and the CLASS tool?”

I know that CLASS isn’t a punitive measure, but it seems like she doesn’t believe that. 

“How do I challenge and provide support for that teacher who wants to get a score of 7 in Productivity?”

It would be awesome to get all 7s, but I don’t want to set the bar too high. Incremental change is good, right?

“How do I plan for a meaningful conference with a teacher in which we create goals and action plans to increase teacher and children interactions?”

We’re already doing a lot of talking in our conferences, but I’m not sure that I’m making an impact on the way she interacts with the children in her classroom.

If you are asking yourself any of those questions, you are not alone. In fact, hundreds of coaches, mentors, and administrators have asked those very same questions to us. That’s why we created Feedback Strategies Training to help you pair your professional development plans with the data collected during CLASS observations.

In this all-day training, CLASS specialists address these questions (and more!) and provide you with tips and strategies to help lead meaningful and impactful conferences with teachers.

So, what can you expect during the training? Well, Feedback Strategies is not a sit back and relax type of training! Be prepared to put all your new information into practice, and engage in a mock conference. And, what is a CLASS training without videos? You won’t see the videos featured in this training in any of Teachstone’s other products and services. These clips feature three unique feedback sessions between a coach and teacher. Watching the coaching conversations will help everyone in Feedback Strategies take a deep dive into the feedback process.

Trainings are happening all across the United States as our regional events, be sure to sign up for a training near you. See you there!

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