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What’s New? Teachstone’s Top 10

08 Jul 2014 by Brad Groff

As on most days, today someone asked me, “What’s new, Brad?” For some reason, today, this question got me thinking: There's actually a LOT that's new at Teachstone. We've been hard at work here developing new resources, products, trainings, and initiatives—all geared toward helping educators and children nationwide.

Here’s a look at our Top 10 answers to this perennial question:

  1. Free CLASS-Based Resources—Educators at all levels find empowering information about putting the CLASS system and CLASS resources to work for them on our resources page.
  2. Updated CLASS Implementation Guide—Those who lead states, counties, districts, or programs may sign up to receive the soon-to-be-released 2014 edition and learn about best practices for implementing the CLASS system.
  3. CLASS Feedback Strategies Training—This new, one-day training helps coaches transform CLASS scores into strategies for teacher improvement.
  4. Instructional Support Strategies—Coaches choose from face-to-face and online options, and wind up saying things like, "Wow! Thank you for providing concrete strategies for helping us help teachers promote higher order thinking."
  5. Clients—We’re grateful for the trust placed in us by clients old and new. From California, to Louisiana, to Arkansas—we’re engaging with educators to help strengthen teacher-child interactions.
  6. Infant CLASS Products—Those who coach and those who teach benefit from this new set of products—all focused on interacting effectively with infants.
  7. Conferences—Educators from across the country choose to attend conferences where we’re presenting. Join us!
  8. CLASS Calibration—Observers practice their coding skills between annual recertification—all online. Here’s what we’ve heard from one recent participant: “I fee empowered each time I calibrate, knowing that I’m on target with the CLASS master coders.”
  9. Grant support—We’re excited to see the Obama administration’s continued emphasis on increasing access to quality early childhood education through the Early Head Start Expansion and EHS Child Care Partnership Grant. If you’re looking for assistance writing your grant application and see us as a fit, fill out this form or email us at contact@teachstone.com.
  10. Website—Whether your looking for current news on our blog, easy access to training registration, or research to back up your focus on teacher-child interactions, you’ll find what you need quickly and easily on our new website.

So, what’s new with you? Share what you’re up to below!