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InterAct 2020 Workshop Day

New! Kick off the Summit a day early by participating in a half-day workshop. Interact2020-DateLoc_June2019
Sunday, April 19, 2020, 8am-5pm

We’re excited to announce a Workshop Day has been added to this year’s InterAct CLASS Summit. Each 4-hour workshop will be held on Sunday, April 19. Attendees can choose a morning or afternoon workshop, or both.
Please note: Workshops are not included in the standard 2-day conference ticket.

Early Bird (until January 17): $225/workshop
Register soon! Each workshop is limited to 40 people and will sell out fast! 

Establishing a Reliable and Valid System for Collecting CLASS Data
8am-12pm, includes breakfast


Is your organization collecting CLASS observation data? Do you want to ensure that the data is good? Do you ever wonder how to minimize the variance in your data? Are you struggling with the best way to report data? We can help. Building on the success of the 2019 Interact Session, Garbage In, Garbage Out: Establishing a Reliable and Valid System of Data Collection, this session will take a deeper dive into the complexities of setting-up and maintaining a data collection protocol and support system to help ensure that the decisions that your organization is making based on CLASS data are grounded in reliable and valid data. Attendees will be encouraged to bring copies of their organization’s data collection processes and work with others to revise or refine their processes.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Developing an infrastructure for data collection, with a focus on ensuring accurate, high quality data
  • Establishing a protocol designed to promote consistency in data collection
  • Processes to avoid bias and observer drift
  • Considerations for reporting data

Presenters will use a blend of targeted feedback, interactive discussions, group work, & presentation to give participants the opportunity to learn about best practice, speak with colleagues about their challenges and successes, and receive feedback on their own data collection systems.

Join us for an intensive, interactive session that delves into the ins and outs of CLASS data collection. Whether you are new to the CLASS or a veteran CLASS user, we look forward to working with you on your data collection systems!

Presented by Sarah Hadden & Vicki Kintner-Duffy

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Use Your CLASS Data to Improve Teaching Quality
1pm-5pm, includes lunch

How do you use CLASS data to improve teaching quality in your organization? Does it affect how you hire? How you implement curricula? How you focus and lead professional learning communities? Do you know during which parts of your children’s school day they most consistently experience interactions that support their cognitive and language development? If so, what do you do with this information?

Join us as we approach these questions and more, leveraging our collective experience and Teachstone’s expertise in CLASS and continuous improvement. If you feel as though you don’t make the most of the rich data you have access to, you are not alone. If you feel spread thin and unable to step back to analyze your data, you are not alone. Come on your own, or even better, come with your team, and focus on nothing other than how to use CLASS data to improve teaching quality for the duration of our workshop.

We ask you to bring an up-to-date suite of data that you use to understand teaching quality in your organization; this includes CLASS data but should not be limited to CLASS data alone. Please bring the most complete version of your CLASS data; we will encourage you to use details like your cycle-level scores and time-of-day records.

Your data analyses during this session could yield:

  • professional development goals for groups of teachers, teacher teams, or individual teachers
  • approaches to professional development for teachers in your organization
  • other program-level decisions that can influence teaching-quality

We hope you’ll join us. Whether you have your hands on your first CLASS reports, or you're in your tenth year of CLASS data analysis, we look forward to working with you!

Presented by CLASS and Data Nerds at Teachstone

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Coaching with CLASS to Drive Improvement
1pm-5pm, includes lunch

How can coaches use CLASS data to identify and leverage a teacher’s strengths to support opportunities for growth? How can group and 1:1 coaching be targeted to increase the quality of teacher-student interactions across all CLASS domains? Join us for an interactive workshop exploring how to make CLASS coaching individualized, strengths-based and aligned with your teachers’ goals. We’ll discuss strategies to cultivate essential buy-in among teachers to promote meaningful change. We’ll brainstorm ways to present the CLASS as a framework that aligns with other evaluation tools, curriculum and best practices, to avoid teachers viewing it as “one more thing” they need to develop. Coaches are encouraged to bring examples of their CLASS data and score reports, evaluation tools and curriculum used by their teachers, and thoughts on what works well and what is challenging about CLASS coaching efforts in their organizations.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Analyzing formal and informal CLASS data to inform and create coaching opportunities and that drive improvement in all dimensions, especially IS
  • Intentionally providing parallel process and building self-efficacy to promote both coach and teacher growth
  • Supporting continuous learning through a coaching cycle that includes collaborative partnership, observation of current practice, intentional classroom application and guided reflection on the impact teacher behaviors have on students and why interactions matter
  • Brainstorming crosswalks to align CLASS with teachers’ daily practice and other PD efforts

Presented by Mamie Morrow

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