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Coaches: What to Know if You’re New to CLASS - Sharing Feedback With Your Teachers

20 Mar 2015 by Mary-Margaret Gardiner

We’re happy to introduce a new video blog series for coaches: What You Need to Know If You’re New to the CLASS. During this series, we’ll introduce some coaching strategies that can be used if you’re new to the CLASS, are just curious, or if you’re a veteran CLASS user and just want a refresher. Enjoy!

Now that you have a relationship with your teachers (and this takes time!), how will you share information with your them, help them build on their strengths, and improve their practice? In this third video for our series, we talk about what to do with all that data you collect and provide some tips on your feedback conversations with teachers.

What do you focus on first in your coaching conversations? How does the data you collect help in these conversations?

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