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Is the CLASS Feedback Strategies Training Right for Me?

02 May 2014 by Hilary Ritt

Have you ever wondered how to share feedback on CLASS observations with teachers? If the answer is yes, then our new CLASS Feedback Strategies: Sharing Observations with Teachers training may be right for you. Consider the following points when deciding whether the CLASS Feedback Strategies training will meet your program’s needs:

What is your program’s goal in observing and providing feedback?

We often sort goals into two categories:

  1. Evaluation – These observations and feedback sessions are associated with accountability. Accountability measures may include monitoring, salary implications, or funding.
  2. Professional growth – These observations and feedback sessions are intended to build classroom practice in a supportive and positive environment with no associated repercussions.

Are you engaging in program-level or teacher-level data collection?

Program-level data collection is characterized by observing in a representative sample of classrooms and averaging scores across those classrooms. When using teacher-level data collection methods, every teacher within a given program is observed.

The CLASS Feedback Strategies training addresses observations and feedback for professional growth and is appropriate for programs using teacher-level data collection methods. If these characteristics describe your program, join us for our first regional CLASS Feedback Strategies training in Atlanta, GA, this July!

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