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Sneak Peek: CLASS Feedback Strategies Training

07 Apr 2014 by Hilary Ritt

The CLASS Feedback Strategies training is almost here! We’re thrilled to share a sneak preview of the exciting new content we’ve developed.

CLASS Feedback Strategies: Sharing Observations with Teachers is an interactive and hands-on experience designed to provide concrete strategies for coaches to use when sharing results of CLASS observations with teachers. Participants will practice:

  • Sharing descriptive and objective feedback from the observation
  • Determining how ready teachers are for change
  • Differentiating conversations within the feedback session
  • Setting appropriate goals and action plans

The Feedback Strategies trainer will guide participants in individualizing support for teachers using a framework of readiness to change. We offer strategies for working with teachers at varying readiness levels using the following progression:

1. Know – Teacher learns about target behavior. For example, answering the questions:

  • What does Teacher Sensitivity look like at a high level?
  • Why is it important to ask open-ended questions?

2. See – Teacher becomes more aware of her own practice and how it is both similar to and different from the target behavior. For example, noticing when:

  • She asks open-ended questions and when questions require one-word answers, and reflects on this.
  • Child behavior is aligned with expectations and what she’s doing in that moment to impact behavior management.

3. Do – Teacher demonstrates the target behavior. For example,

  • Asking open-ended questions consistently and listening to children’s responses.
  • Embedding learning activities within transitions and providing clear instructions.

The training provides strategies, goals, and action plans for supporting teachers in increasing readiness and making changes. Growing teacher self-efficacy, focusing on the positive interactions already occurring in classrooms, and building on strengths is infused throughout the training.

For more information about CLASS Feedback Strategies, fill out this short form and we'll be in touch with more details when this new 1-day training becomes available.

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