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Feedback Strategies + IS Strategies = Great Coaching

26 Aug 2014 by Hilary Ritt

As we introduced here, here, and here, we’re super excited about our two new face-to-face trainings: Feedback Strategies and Instructional Support Strategies. Since we released these trainings, many of our clients have asked, What is the optimal sequence for training implementation?

Check out the graphic below for a brief overview:

ISS Feedback Graphic







We recommend Observation Training as a pre-requisite to the Feedback Strategies and Instructional Support Strategies trainings. The next piece that’s important to notice in this graphic is that feedback precedes coaching, training, and other professional development experiences. Feedback based on observation is key to targeting professional learning in order to maximize impact.

At our recent Regional Training in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to facilitate our Feedback Strategies and Instructional Support Strategies trainings back-to-back. While we do offer these trainings separately, most of the participants chose to enroll in both trainings as a two-day experience.

We had SO much fun and participants were able to explicitly link coaching strategies for Instructional Support with feedback techniques. For example, in the Feedback Strategies training participants practiced skills in providing descriptive, objective observational feedback to teachers and collaborating to produce action plans aligned teachers’ levels of readiness; in the Instructional Support Strategies training, participants took that work to the next level and supported the action plan by modeling behaviors with the Video Library. This provided a concrete sequence for coaches to immediately implement with teachers in their programs.

Learn more about Feedback Strategies and Instructional Support Strategies and then consider joining us for these trainings as a two-day experience to deepen your coaching practices.

Webinar: Using CLASS Data to Provide Effective Feedback