As we inch closer to the warm days of summer, how are you planning to reflect and engage with your educators to make next year unforgettable? The end of a program year is the perfect moment to look back on the growth, the achievements,  and the meaningful connections that you and your educators have nurtured in the classroom.

Let’s explore three strategies to make the end of the year an enriching experience for educators and children.

Reflect and Celebrate

Now is the perfect time to take 20-30 minutes to reflect on all the time and energy spent ensuring the growth and development of children in your program. Take a look at your CLASS® scores throughout the year and analyze where your program excelled and opportunities for growth.

Save time in your busy schedule by utilizing, myTeachstone, Teachstone’s powerful tool for assessing and improving interactions. You can quickly generate reports to help you evaluate and gain actionable insights into your program’s quality of interactions 

Sharing the growth and progress of your young learners can be a source of inspiration. Use this reflection and celebration as a springboard towards even greater achievements in the future!

Engage Educators 

Throughout the year, educators watch their children grow and learn. And, it’s important to remember that their professional growth needs nurturing too.

One of the first steps towards engaging educators is actively listening to their feedback and insights. Conduct surveys, hold group discussions, and create a safe space for open dialogue. By understanding their challenges, aspirations, and areas of interest, you can tailor professional development opportunities that resonate with their needs. This proactive approach demonstrates that their voices are heard, valued, and respected, fostering a sense of collaboration and unity.

Next, it's time to plan for meaningful professional development sessions. Focus on topics that align with educators' interests and address specific areas of improvement identified during the school year. Custom Events by Teachstone takes the stress of planning successful professional development off your plate, and offers quick bite size learnings with actionable strategies and resources provided to all learners.  Encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among colleagues to create a vibrant learning community. One way to create and maintain a shared understanding of CLASS is through A CLASS Primer for Teachers.  

Educators are the architects of their classroom, partner with them to help create a learning setting where meaningful interactions thrive and flourish with the CLASS Environment!

Bring Interactions Home

Let's not forget the importance of meaningful interactions outside the classroom. Engaging parents and families in promoting learning opportunities at home can have a profound impact on our childrens' development.

Encourage educators to emphasize with families the significance of reading at home, ways to engage in hands-on activities, and how to promote exploration of the world around them. By providing families with practical suggestions, we empower them to be actively involved in their child's learning journey.

Consider holding a Meaningful Interactions at Home workshop, where families can participate in an interactive session where they learn about how to have quality interactions that foster their child’s learning and development at home.

three strategies graphic 

By celebrating accomplishments through data-driven insights, you can acknowledge the positive impact on every child. Engaging educators in meaningful conversation and brainstorming professional development opportunities ensures their continuous growth and provides them with the tools and support they need to excel. Lastly, by extending interactions to the home, we empower families to be active partners in their children's education. The end of the school year is not just a closing chapter but a stepping stone toward a future filled with endless possibilities for every child. 

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