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Coaches: What to Know if You’re New to CLASS - Parallel Process

10 Feb 2015 by Mary-Margaret Gardiner

We’re happy to introduce a new video blog series for coaches: What You Need to Know If You’re New to the CLASS. During this series, we’ll introduce some coaching strategies that can be used if you’re new to the CLASS, are just curious, or if you’re a veteran CLASS user and just want a refresher. Enjoy!

We know that the interactions between teachers and children are critical in helping children learn and feel comfortable and confident in the classroom. These same interactions are important in other relationships you have like the relationships coaches have with teachers.

In this video, we talk about how you can use parallel process or include those interactions outlined in the CLASS tool in your coaching sessions and why that is important to building those relationships.

Tell us about your experiences! How do you use parallel process in your coaching sessions? How have you seen it work and what challenges have you had?

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