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Jacquelynn Jauregui

Jacquelynn has been in the profession of early Childhood Education for the past 16 years both as a lead preschool teacher as well as in a coaching capacity. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from National University, and have worked with children and families in California, Virginia, Florida, and Hawaii. Most of her recent experience as a My Teaching Partner coach allowed her the opportunity to help teachers learn more about the CLASS tool and help them enrich their conversations and interactions with children. When Jacquelynn is not working she enjoys spending time in sunny San Diego outdoors with her husband and French Bulldog. Jacquelynn enjoys paddle boarding, tennis, and practicing her golf swing.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Wilson, High school English

Recent Posts

CLASS is More than Open-Ended Questions

22 Jun 2017

Do you find that when you train teachers or coaches on CLASS, all they want to talk about is open-ended questions? When trainees hear CLASS tool, often the first thought that comes to their mind is asking children open-ended questions. And while asking “how” and “why” questions is extremely important in helping to foster and support language and concept development, we cannot have effective interactions with these questions alone. There is so much more to the CLASS tool!

Topics: CLASS Content: K-3, CLASS Content: Toddler, CLASS Content: Pre-K Read More

MMCI Instructor Spotlight: Shawn Kaplan

15 May 2017

Dear Diary: How It Feels To Wrap Up My MMCI Cohort

09 Mar 2017

MMCI has 10 sessions, but there is a secret "11th session" that you won't find in the materials: Instructor Reflection. Read one instructor's thoughts below. 

Topics: MMCI & PD Read More

A Conversation With Jane Franco, MMCI Instructor

02 Mar 2017

Recently, we spoke with Jane Franco, a Provider Specialist with the Sunshine Stars, a QRIS in Florida. Jane is a certified MMCI Instructor, with both toddler and Pre-K CLASS observer certifications under her belt. She currently coaches about 15 teachers through the Early Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando Counties; she is also facilitating two unique MMCI cohorts. Our interview is below! 

Topics: MMCI & PD Read More

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