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Nikki Croasdale

Nikki earned her BA in Psychology and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia. She has been using the CLASS tool since 2010, when she worked as a Pre-K CLASS coder and research assistant at the Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning. She is now the Observer Support Manager at Teachstone and loves being able to support others in conducting classroom observations with fidelity. Her expertise is in live and videotaped CLASS coding, and she is certified on all age levels of the CLASS tool, Infant through Secondary. In her free time, Nikki likes going to the movies and wine tasting with her friends and family. She also enjoys yoga, puzzles, and playing with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Neo.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Everett, 5th grade

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CLASS Calibration: Make it a Habit!

14 Mar 2017

The CLASS tool is complex, and for good reason. It measures human interactions, which are in and of themselves very complex. While complexity in measuring interactions is a good thing, CLASS takes ongoing practice to master and maintain. If you are not in the tool regularly, or if you train a lot but only occasionally code in classrooms, you can experience what we call “drift.” It’s possible to move away from being as reliable as you once were. Luckily, there’s an answer for that—CLASS Calibration!

Topics: Reliability & Certification, Observation Training Read More

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