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Yvonne Godber

Yvonne Godber is a CLASS trainer at Teachstone.

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Once Upon a CLASS Training: Telling Stories to Make Content Relevant

06 Nov 2017

As we head into elections, I've been crafting a story to share with my local legislators. I want to let them know the many glorious reasons why they need to fund early childhood education.

Everyone knows stories matter, so as I stared at my blank piece of paper I found myself wondering:

How do you make a good story great?

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How To Support CLASS Coding in Chaos

23 Mar 2017

While it’s gratifying and inspiring to observe warm, nurturing, and instructionally dynamic classrooms, unfortunately that’s not always the case. I received an email the other day from an observer who conducts observations for a research project in middle and high schools. He was concerned about interactions he had observed, and wanted to make sure he was doing CLASS coding correctly. Since we have a blog on the website about classrooms scoring all 7s, I thought it would be important to bring up the other end of the continuum as well.

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The Color Green and The CLASS Coding Process

17 Mar 2017

What does the color green have to do with assigning Low, Mid, and High ranges to CLASS indicators?

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