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Betsy Murry

Before she came to Teachstone in 2009, Betsy worked as an event planner for a Fortune 500 company in Washington, D.C., a teaching assistant in Fairfax County Public Schools, and a preschool teacher in Charlottesville. At Teachstone, Betsy has been able to bridge her business experience and love for education. As Business Operations Controller, Betsy works with our staff to improve our business processes and systems across the company to ensure Teachstone provides high-quality programming that is sustainable. Betsy‘s talents are as numerous as they are varied. She’s a ballet dancer and a former singer and has quite the flair for making lists (a talent that serves her well at Teachstone). Betsy earned her BS in Leadership and Consumer Economics from the University of Delaware.

Recent Posts

Teacher Spotlight - Gynna Garrett

09 Sep 2016

Gynna Garrett is a pre-K teacher in Bartow County, GA. As our September Teacher of the Month, I asked Gynna what makes her classroom unique.

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Teacher Spotlight: Tracy Howard

08 Aug 2016

Many of the teachers I have had the pleasure of interviewing have talked about the challenges they face in the classroom like guiding and managing behavior or maintaining enthusiasm for their work. Tracy Howard, our August Teacher of the Month talked about another challenge she ran into—a classroom full of children who didn’t speak English—and how she worked through it.

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Teacher Spotlight - Sandra Copes

11 Jul 2016

Sandra Copes has been a Head Start Teacher in Harrison County, Kentucky for over 25 years. Her coach, Ms. Vickie, recommended Sandra because, “Working with Sandra is a pleasure. She is open to suggestions and is very thoughtful about how things play out in the classroom. She is the first to try new ideas and help other teachers. Her enthusiasm is contagious and makes us all better.”

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Teacher Spotlight - Maria Fuentes

10 Jun 2016

This month, we’re featuring Maria Fuentes, a preschool teacher at Faith Early Learning Center in Ohio.  When her coach Rozlyn nominated her, she wrote that Maria, “exhibits a true love of children which is observed in her daily interactions with them.”

Maria supports dual language learners (DLL) and talked to me about how she got into teaching, what is so critical about supporting DLL, and how she thinks about CLASS in conjunction with other assessment and monitoring tools.

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How We (ECE Professionals) Chose Our Children's Schools

25 May 2016

When I began looking for a child care program for my daughter, I was confident I would find the best school for her and that my years at Teachstone would guide me in finding the perfect program. It wasn’t that easy.

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Teacher Spotlight - Kelly Barrett

03 May 2016

Kelly Barrett, our featured teacher of the month, was such a joy to talk to. Here’s what her nominator shared about her:

“Kelly, has an exceptional connection with her students. She has the ability to mesmerize them with a story or song, and understands the meaning of learning through fun. Her appreciation of CLASS can be seen on any given day.”

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6s & 7s in Instructional Support? How One Teacher Did It

29 Apr 2016

“Lacey was born a teacher, she has it in her blood. And CLASS didn’t phase her. She found it as a way to make her teaching better.”

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How My Teacher Prep Classes Failed Me

22 Apr 2016

We focus a lot on how to help teachers once they are in the classroom, but what can we do to help prepare teachers for success before they even get into the classroom? Recently, I spoke with *Tammy, a teacher who has been in the field for three years. She explained how college prepared her for her work in the classroom, how it didn't, and what she has learned since.  

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CLASS Success Story: Going Through Head Start Recompetition

21 Apr 2016

Last month Brenda Zedlitz shared a guest blog post with us about how her program had to recompete for their Head Start grant in 2012. Her first post attracted a lot of attention, so we followed up with her to get her take on a few more questions.


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CLASS Success Story: Centro de la Familia de Utah

12 Apr 2016

Alberta Loosle is the education manager for Centro de la Familia de Utah. Centro de la Familia de Utah is a non-profit agency supporting the under-served community in Utah. I talked to Alberta about her work with the program and about using CLASS in DLL settings.  

Topics: Leadership and Policy, Dual Language Learners (DLL), CLASS Success Stories Read More
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