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Bridget Scanlon

Bridget graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in English and Spanish. She first discovered her love of education while living abroad in Valencia, Spain, where she spent her time teaching English to high school students. In addition to her role as Contracts Coordinator, Bridget is also the administrator for Salesforce and is always up for new projects. Bridget spends her leisure time reading books, travelling to her hometown of Virginia Beach to enjoy the water, and watching U.Va. sports.

Recent Posts

Teachers – 5 Things You Need to Know if You're New to CLASS

03 Apr 2015

It’s not about the “gotcha

No, CLASS observers aren’t out to get you. An observer is not in your classroom to judge you or try to catch you in a bad moment. An observation is just about seeing what the average day is like for the average student in your classroom. Observations can sometimes seem very mysterious—that can make anyone nervous!—but knowledge is power. You can find out more about what observations are all about here.

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Okay, We Were Observed. What Comes Next?

11 Mar 2015

A few months ago I went on a road trip around Louisiana with Sedra Spano and Amy Mountz. And although one of the highlights was definitely visiting the Duck Dynasty Diner …

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Teachers: Taking the Mystery Out of CLASS Observations

02 Mar 2015

So, you just found out an observer will be coming to your classroom. Great! But what exactly is an observer, and what the heck will they be doing in my classroom? Don't worry—these are common questions for teachers, and we are here to help!

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