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Cierra Johnson

Cierra Johnson, Trainer | Cierra is a Texan through and through, having lived in Austin, Texas for most of her life. She I have been using CLASS for almost 3 years. Prior to come to Teachstone, she served as a mentor coach for a Quality Initiatives Program. Cierra is currently working on a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education with a Specialization in Adult Learning Principles at Walden University. Cierra conducts Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K Observation trainings. Cierra is always up for a new challenge! She loves to travel and meet new people, which makes her an ideal member of the training team. When she’s not training, Cierra can usually be found planning her next trip or just hanging out with friends.

Recent Posts

5 Master Note-Taking Tips Guaranteed to Help CLASS Observers

06 Dec 2016

Have you ever wished for a magical power that helped you take notes super effectively while conducting CLASS observations? The kind of magical power that would allow you to capture everything you see and hear without missing a beat? The kind of magical power that paints an exact picture of what happened in the classroom without actually being there? Yeah, me too!

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