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Hilary Ritt

As Manager of Coursework, Hilary ensures quality delivery of our trainings for professional development. From design and development to support of effective facilitation, Hilary works across the company to be sure our trainings aimed at improving teacher-child interactions are outstanding. Hilary comes to Teachstone from the University of Virginia teacher-training program where she earned her PhD in Instructional Technology and guided pre-service math and science teachers in the integration of technology into instruction.

When away from the office, Hilary enjoys cycling through beautiful central Virginia, sampling new ice cream flavors, and having fun with her son.

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Walsch, 11th grade (Physics)

Recent Posts

Why PD Isn't One Size Fits All: A Webinar Recap

04 Jun 2015

If you missed our last webinar Why PD Isn't One Size Fits All, don't worry! Hilary covers the takeaway points in her 90-second recap.

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Professional Development Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

13 May 2015

Joe is fascinated by insects, and Liam is really into baseball. When teaching the concept of patterns, we may consider how patterns are demonstrated in baseball and the insect world to hook both Joe and Liam into learning. We frequently differentiate instruction based on students’ interests, and, as educators, we recognize the need to individualize learning opportunities for children in our classrooms. We may also differentiate based on learning styles. 

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I’m Worried that I Don’t Understand Instructional Support Well Enough to Support My Teachers

11 Feb 2015

At conferences and in trainings across the country, I hear from coaches who are nervous; they need to support teachers in developing Instructional Support skills, but doubt the depth of their own Instructional Support knowledge. This is a common situation and Teachstone has online learning experiences to help!

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Feedback Strategies + IS Strategies = Great Coaching

26 Aug 2014

As we introduced here, here, and here, we’re super excited about our two new face-to-face trainings: Feedback Strategies and Instructional Support Strategies. Since we released these trainings, many of our clients have asked, What is the optimal sequence for training implementation?

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New Video: Boost Your Improvement Efforts with the CLASS System

16 Jul 2014

Take a look at our new video that helps education leaders understand how the CLASS system can boost improvement efforts in their programs. This fun, short overview of the CLASS tool shows that:

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Supervisor or Coach--Which Hat Are You Wearing?

12 Jun 2014

Are you a preschool program director? A CLASS observer? A teacher coach? All of the above?

Preschool directors wear many hats in the programs they work in—overseeing operations, licensing, and budgets, just to name a few such hats. One critical function of school directors is leading staff, which can include both supervisory functions and fostering professional growth. Often the management aspects of the job take precedence, but teachers need support in order to build on effective teaching practices.

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Brainstorming and Planning: How Are They Different?

29 May 2014

Coaching and Mentoring Teachers

Through your coaching relationships, you coaches bring the CLASS tool to life for the teachers with whom you work. Stories set in real classroom experiences help teachers to make the connection between the CLASS measure and their own classrooms.

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Is the CLASS Feedback Strategies Training Right for Me?

02 May 2014

Have you ever wondered how to share feedback on CLASS observations with teachers? If the answer is yes, then our new CLASS Feedback Strategies: Sharing Observations with Teachers training may be right for you. Consider the following points when deciding whether the CLASS Feedback Strategies training will meet your program’s needs:

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Sneak Peek: CLASS Feedback Strategies Training

07 Apr 2014

The CLASS Feedback Strategies training is almost here! We’re thrilled to share a sneak preview of the exciting new content we’ve developed.

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Giving Advice vs. Providing Feedback

14 Mar 2014


We have been hard at work developing a new 1-day training focused on sharing CLASS™ observations with teachers—CLASS Feedback Strategies: Sharing Observations with Teachers (coming soon!).

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